Business Management

Business management
TITD oversees all aspects of client’s financial activity, consultation required
5% of client’s gross revenue


Canadian incorporation
Includes legal fees for opening resolutions, bylaws, and share issuances. Excludes incorporation fees charged by Corporations Canada or the Ontario Ministry of Government Services.

Corporations Canada information filing
Information filing (not tax filing); required for all Canadian federally incorporated entities, per Corporations Canada requirements. Excludes filing fees charged by Corporations Canada ($40 for mail-in filing; $20 for online filing).

General business consulting

Forensic royalty auditing
$125+/hour plus expenses


Small to medium-sized businesses, may be part of a package deal

Entertainment business accounting
Royalty calculations & statements (artist, manager, producer, writer, publisher, distributor, side musician); typically require custom financial models

Canadian Tax Preparation and Filing

Personal tax
"Slip return" only (client has no self-employed income).

Personal tax
Client has self-employed income, client provides financial summary.

Personal tax return
Client has self-employed income, TITD compiles financial summary.

Requires bookkeeping or financial summary to file.

Corporate tax
Canadian corporations, excludes bookkeeping.

Corporate tax
Canadian corporations, inactive/NIL return (no bookkeeping required).

Ontario tax credits
Includes all Ontario media tax credit programs (OSRTC, OFTTC, OPSTC, OCASE, OIDMTC).
>$500 or 10% of tax credit

USA Tax Preparation and Filing

Personal tax
USA tax returns vary in complexity, consultation required.

Services for Non-Canadian Performers in Canada

Canadian income tax waiver application
Information required 60 days prior to first Canadian performance.
>$350 or 10% of taxes saved

Canadian income tax filing
Includes required accounting plus all follow-up with CRA's International Tax Services office to ensure completion.

Canadian income tax filing – “NIL” return
For years when client is not active in Canada.

Package Deals

Corporate “4 in 1″
Includes 12 months bookkeeping (two bank and/or credit card accounts), corporate tax & HST returns, plus personal returns for two shareholders. Additional fees applied if more than two bank and/or credit card accounts, payroll or specialty reporting exist; consultation required.

Please note: Services and fees are subject to change without notice. All fees in Canadian funds.